About Us

Since the late 1800s, roofing has been in the Long family.  Today, Long Roofing Co. proudly serves Georgians in both the residential and commercial sectors.  Firmly rooted in the communities of Gwinnett and surrounding counties, Long Roofing Co. has left its skillful fingerprint on hundreds of homes and businesses and hopes to do so for generations to come.

Generation One: Born in 1850, George Washington Long – a roofer, farmer, wagon and yoke builder – roofed with hand-crafted, wooden shingles.

Generation Two: George’s son Homer farmed, carpentered and built chimneys locally renowned for their expert ventilating attributes.

Generation Three: Born in 1915, Homer’s son, George Mathias Long – also a farmer, butcher, barber, and an accomplished guitar player – roofed with wooden shingles and tin during the Great Depression.

Generation Four: As a 13-year-old, Larry, George’s son, apprenticed with Atlanta-native brothers Clarence and Clyde Williams, and by the 1950s, he supported his growing family by starting his own roofing company.

Generation Five: As a child, Larry’s oldest son Jimmy helped pop chalk lines and provide water for his father’s crew.  In 1980 Jimmy took over operations and established Long Roofing Co. as it is known today.  Soon after, Jimmy branched into the commercial sector and roofed several original sections of Gwinnett Place Mall.